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Indy, is a dynamic 11 year old influencer/ Star. This young star is most known for her epic dance moves! Her passion is braiding hair and creating nails. Indy has an amazing personality and is hilarious. Indy is known as the one take wonder! Lights, Cameras, Action and Indy is already on the stage.

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To Book indybugg1 send all emails to indybugg1@gmail.comThe events indybugg1 is currently Booking are birthday parties, Hosting events, meet &Greets, special events, appearances, music festivals, fairs, Dance appearances .
Indybugg1, also offers personal  videos, of encouragement and special birthday wishes and congratulate messages for special occasions.

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Dynamic Duo!

We are completely independent if you would like to support $indybugg1 thank you
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